In this section you will find 4 video films on different Mediation Cases. Those videos can be used for teaching, trainings or self-study process. Trainers or teachers in the classroom with students can analyse different situations and work performed by the mediator. In case if you use videos for self-studies, you can observe the mediation process and work and behaviour of mediator.

Videos are in English with translations (subtitles) in Latvian, Italian, German and Lithuanian languages.

Criminal Case



Case summary:

Stephanie is a student, who lives with her mother and brother. On March 4 Stephanie was with her friends in a club. On her way back home she climbed the roof of the first random car and started dancing. Getting off the roof of the car, she slipped and scratched the car. In the morning of the 3rd of April police officers arrives at Stephanie's house. She is scared and ashamed.

Family Case


Case summary:

Egle, a Lithuanian national, and Giovanni, an Italian national, married on 27 July 2003 and resided in Bologna (Italy). Their daughter, Lila, was born on 05 January 2005. In the course of March 2005 the spouses began to live separately, Lila remaining with her mother. It was then that, according to the order for reference, divorce proceedings were initiated before the Tribunale of Bologna (Italy).
Giovanni wants to sue Egle before an Italian judge in order to obtain the custody of his daughter.

Commercial Case


Case summary:

“No need to pay Ltd.” is a well-known company active in the field of tax consulting and optimization, established in 1992 by two shareholders, Mr. Sharp and Ms. Smith. The company has prospered from the very beginning of its activity, earning lots of money and having a lot of clients. Everything worked well until last year. The shareholders are no longer able to communicate and to find a solution for basic problems of the company. Moreover the quality of the work is getting worse. Ms. Smith thinks that the cooperation of both partners is not possible any more and wants to terminate the activity of the company and divide the profits.

Civil Case



Case summary:

Since Family C., who has Syrian roots, has been living in their council flat, there are problems with Mrs. N., an Austrian neighbour who lives a floor below. Mrs. N. harassed various family members in different ways: Mr. C. is regularly insulted by Mrs. N. in the stairwell or in the cellar of the house. Once he was even assaulted by Mrs. N. with the flat hand, hit in his face. When other people – mostly also with Syrian roots – come to visit Family C., they are already addressed by Mrs.N. in the stairwell and they are told that they are not allowed to be in the house.