Trainings for mediators and lawyers in Lithuania

Already in May trainings for merged groups of lawyers and mediators will take place in Lithuania. The topics of the trainings will cover legal aspects, mediation method significance and especially pay attention to protection of the best interests of the child in cross-border family law cases.
Trainings in Lithuania will take place on Zoom platform and will be provided online. Those trainings are organized by Lithuanian partner of the project Mykolas Romeris University.
There will be 3 different training programmes:

“General legal and mediation issues in cross-border family cases” (Seminar I)
Dates: 05.05.2021 or 19.05.2021.

“Advanced legal and mediation issues in cross-border family cases” (Seminar II)
Dates: 06.05.2021 or 20.05.2021.

“Seminar for lawyers and mediators on psychological aspects in cross-border family cases” (Seminar III)
Dates: 07.05.2021 or 21.05.2021.

Detailed description of the trainings you can find here:

Participation is free of charge, Language of the trainings – Lithuanian (Seminar II – English with simultaneous translation to Lithuanian).

More information:
Project Academic Manager:
Dr.Agne Tvaronavičienė