About the project

In September 2019 four partner University from Latvia, Italy, Lithuania and Austria has started to implement JUSTICE programme project “Cooperation Development among Mediators and Lawyers” which aims to develop training materials, provide professional training and to stimulate cooperation among mediators and lawyers.

Main focus of the project is to foster cooperation between justice professionals – lawyers (advocates) and mediators, with the aim to promote effective and coherent application of the Brussels II rules among justice professionals. Judicial and mediation training for merged groups of beneficiaries – lawyers and mediators, to increase mutual and inter-professional understanding for smoother solution of cross-border Family law disputes, especially those involving the best interests of the child.

The project partners will elaborate training support materials – unified recommendations, collection of best practice examples and translation of 4 already existing professional mediation videos; organize trainings for justice professionals - lawyers and mediators practicing in cross-border family and parental responsibility cases; organize a study visit to the dispute resolution centre for representatives from each partner country and hold national and international experience exchange events.

Type and number of persons benefiting from the project
Target groups are justice professionals – lawyers and mediators of all partner countries, actively working in cross-border family law dispute sector. Directly benefitting from the activities of the project will be around 500 lawyers and 120 mediators, in total 620 professionals.

Expected results
The overarching result is closer cooperation between justice professionals of two sectors – lawyers and mediators in cross-border family law sector. To reach it the partners will organize trainings for both groups and arrange support study materials. This will grant professional increase of knowledge and cooperation for both professions.

- Training support materials: Recommendations for lawyers and mediators and the collection of the best practice examples;
- Translation of existing videos in 4 national languages, subtitles added;
- Description of the training for lawyers and mediators;
- Training activities for lawyers and mediators;
- Merged group study visit to the dispute resolution institution;
- National experience exchange events in Austria, Lithuania and Italy;
- Gala conference in Riga, Latvia.

Duration of the project: 30 months (01.09.2019.-28.02.2022.)

Project is co-financed by European Union’s Justice Programme (2014-2020).

Project number: 854024-CODEMAL-JUST-AG-2018/JUST-JTRA-EJTR-AG-2018.